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Videos: Understanding Diagnostic Radiology

This video explains the following topics to better understand diagnotic radiology:

  • What is ‘diagnostic radiology’?
  • What is ‘radiation’ in the medical sense?
  • What is natural radiation?
  • How does diagnostic radiology aid diagnosis and treatment of diseases?
  • What conditions or diseases can diagnostic radiology help diagnose?
  • What are some different types of diagnostic radiology?
  • What does a diagnostic radiologist do?
  • What does it take to become a diagnostic radiologist?
  • How many types of radiologists are there?
  • How has diagnostic radiology changed the medical field?
  • How long has diagnostic radiology been around?

This video explains the following topics:

  • Is diagnostic radiology safe for children?
  • What are some of the diagnostic radiological exams a child may undergo?
  • If my child is allergic to the contrast material is it still possible to get the exam done?
  • What is a pediatric voiding cystourethrogram?
  • How can I prepare my child for a diagnostic radiological exam?

This video explains the following topics:

  • What are some radiology or radiation myths?
  • Can I get cancer from getting an X-ray?
  • If a woman finds a lump in her breast, does that mean she has breast cancer?
  • Is all radiation dangerous?
  • Will receiving radiation cause me to be radioactive?
  • Will I become sterile if I get an X-ray?